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The fortress Clenchedchannels, ruled by the Furnace of Morality, burgeoned towards excellence when the goblins came. The vile force of darkness had heard rumour of the prosperous settlement and thus came with a small raiding party, riding the backs of Olms.

Clenchedchannels enjoyed prosperous industry and good luck. Though they were still a basic settlement, they had avoided hunger, danger, and wanton death (for the most part). However, they had masterful craftsdwarves who divested their time sculpting valuable items. Bartering further added to the cultural awareness of Clenchedchannels, and it was not long before the mayor found himself wandering in a beautiful chamber of tastefully arranged statues. He was admiring the masterful wall and floor engravings when the alarm sounded.
The mayor had been no fool. He ensured that Clenchedchannels was defensible, a single entrance lined by microcline walls. A small boat dug on either side of their silver drawbridge forced any attackers into a courtyard filled with traps and siege weapons. And the militia he had created! Only 6 archers and 6 warriors, but some of them were Masters. And praise the miners, who struck adamantine, for there had been the creation of adamantine weapons and armour for the most experienced warriors.

The mayor decided he had better take a nap.

Meanwhile, the goblin force ascended the hill towards the gates of Clenchedchannels. The archer squad 'Toes of Fur' took position in the spacious courtyard and readied their copper crossbows. The goblin force rose up the valley wall and were met by hail of bolts, shredding their ranks. Meanwhile, the melee unit, Helms of Oil, received commands to stay in the barracks so they could flank their approaching enemy.

The Urist McSwordsdwarf, the Master swordsman, fought alongside the Helms. An adamantine short sword had been forged for him. He had been assigned an adamantine helm and shield, as well as a full suit of copper. He was a wrathful creature bent on aiding his dwarven comrades.

Urist was the dwarf to notice the goblins. As he fell back to warn the others, his wife, whom he had been enjoying nature with, was slain by a goblin arrow. Urist wept as he fled back to the fortress. He alerted the others and went to his armour rack to prepare for combat.

The sword, the armour, they were not there. Clenchedchannels suffered from poor organisation. Some other dwarf had suited themselves in Urist's gear, or they had been lost in the bureaucracy that plagued the budding culture. He put on what leather armour could be found and took his trusty copper sword that he had trained with for years.

As he sprinted back towards the entrance, Urist swallowed his anger. He must stand alongside his brethren and use his superior skills in combat to deliver them from this evil!

The Toes of Fur slaughtered the first goblin party then pulled back to restock ammo. During this time, the militia commander, a talented hammerdwarf who had, in the confusion, acquired an adamantine spear instead of his usual weapon, saw a citizen killed by a wounded Olm, and broke rank. Charging after the injured beast, he descended after the invaders.

The goblins turned around to ambush him. The militia commander, ever calm, knew he was going to die. Though his grip was untrained on the spear, the weapon was of that fabled metal and had been crafted well. He struck down the wounded Olm in a single blow, and then turned to face his foes.

Urist McSwordsdwarf appeared, bellowing in rage. He had seen his commander sprint off and meet the face of death. He could not handle the loss of another loved one. Forgetting that he was dressed in common clothing and wielded only a copper weapon, he had charged to the aid of his comrade.

The militia commander died swiftly. Six goblins overwhelmed him quickly, disarming him of the spear and placing a blade through his throat. Their victory was short lived, for the rage of Urist McSwordsdwarf was mighty indeed.

He lashed at them with his copper sword, the blade flashing in the afternoon light as he severed flesh. His enemies, clad in bronze or iron armour, found themselves terrified by this menacing dwarf, who had come so suddenly upon them in a awesome fury. His sword, like a flame, gleamed terribly before them. He felled one, two, three, four, five goblins!
Bloodied and battered, Urist cackled. Their mauls and axes had injured him, it was true, but wielding a flimsy weapon, dressed only in his silks and light leather, Urist overcame his heavily armoured foes. He had become a Grandmaster Swordsdwarf.
In his fatigue, Urist did not notice the goblin hammerer before it crept up behind him and caved his skull in.

Yet, no one mourned his death. Urist died honourably. His blood and the corpses of his foes painted red the way to Clenchedchannels. The last goblin, slayer of Urist, Olngo Ozolnom, fled for his life. Yes, he had slain the terrible Dwarf, who had singlehandedly slain all of Olngo's cousins, but he had not escaped unscathed.

Olngo departed Clenchedchannels with words of loathing and terror. When he was received at the gates of his goblin kingdom, "The Ruined Nightmares," the goblin medics were shocked he was not dead. His right lower leg fractured and cut open, the left forearm fractured and cut open, the left leg cut open, his upper body was cut open, his right lower arm broken, his right elbow was broken, his liver was broken, and his right ribs were broken. On top of this, his right foot had been severed and was the proud trophy of a dwarven child.

Thus was the rise and fall of the Grandmaster Swordsdwarf of Clenchedchannels in the year 165.

Rating: 1
Engraved by The Lost Archives
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

So this was early on in my career of learning to play dwarf fortress and I had finally gotten a successful hospital set up a level below my dining hall.

So about 2 months after I get attacked by goblins who thrash my army but get mauled by my traps leading into the dining hall. So I closed my gates and dragged the wounded dwarves, about 5 of them were soldiers and another 3 or so civilians, into the hospital to be treated.

Little did they know however that the miners were busy removing a floor layer above the dining hall. I was removing the entire edge and had constructed what I thought would be an adequate support for the floor.

When the final bit of edge was removed I learnt a few things:
-What a tantrum spiral is;
-That cave-ins will power on through floors with no support under them;
-And that hatches don't actually provide support to adjacent tiles.

Rating: 2
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

I had this forgotten beast turn up in my fort that was a winged humanoid made of green glass with poison gas. This was in the spring of year 2 so i only had a bunch of recruits that were just as green as the forgotten beast, i had them meet it in my mineshaft and they spent a solid month hacking at it and slowly being picked off, the forgotten beast didn't bleed or show any signs of tiring, despite every body part being red. Eventually as my military dwindled down they managed to get it to dodge right into my magma disposal chute and it fell into the lava, finally putting an end to it.

Just kidding, it's still alive and constantly giving off "stuck in magma" messages, although it is trapped in place it is still not showing any signs of dying several months later

Rating: 0
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

>embark on frozen glacier with aquifer
cool, no problem, I'll just punch through and use the aquifer water to farm
>fortress thriving
>do exploratory digging bellow the aquifer
>suddenly, ANOTHER aquifer bellow the other aquifer
>access to stone gets flooded
>crops gets flooded
>my miners drown
>Everyone slowly starved to death.

And this is why aquifers should be disabled by default.

Rating: 0
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

"What are the chances of two carts full of weapons being sent at exactly the same time on the same track," I thought.

"What could possibly go wrong," I said.


Rating: 1
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

Well, there I was in the middle of my fort with some 170-odd dwarfs. Kept getting more and more babies and migrants and was having a hard time keeping everyone clothed etc. (pretty much missing everything but water/booze and food.)

Finally decided to manually induce FUN and start digging to some caverns below looking for a particularly nasty beast to come do it for me.

Eventually, a beast did creepeth forth from the darkness. It was named Godum Mebzuthaztong. I was awaiting a true challenge for my unequipped but expertly trained military, but instead, it turned out to only be a salt monster.
It ambushed a lone miner down in the depths, and before the miner was finally headbutt to death, he had managed to break two of his legs with his pick, and punched a third one off.

Two squads of military surrounded the beast and killed it in short order.
But as they were mopping up that mess, a second beast came. Quazi Lerdiesul, a skinless winged slug, ambushed a speardwarf heading back to the surface. The dwarf crippled both wings before being slammed into a wall. Again, both militia squads mopped up this creature as well.

Wondering just how to stop my own abomination of a military, I ordered them to attack a dwarven caraven to start a cascade. At last, my military had a worthy opponent: themselves.

That said, the whole fort is in a load of fuckery. Two rival masons are pumping out coffins. A gemcutter makes a last ditch attempt to please everyone by making a door made out of gems.

Rating: 0
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

>use one world solely to explore with adventurers
>countless adventurers living and dying doing tremendous acts of good will
>very last adventurer was a with astronomical fame, the greatest legend to ever walk Thur Kodor, revered by all dwarves, elves, and men
>slew hundreds in his campaigns, casted down innumerable titans and night creatures wielding his massive two-handed sword while donning his mastercraft glimmering armor
>died fighting a titan who had kicked him in the skull, propelling his body into the air and then crashing into a nearby hill where he then died
>that hill is now the site of my first fortress in this hell hole

>start game
>The world has passed into the Age of Legends.

It begins.

I've found the body of Lenge Flutelord himself near the titan that slew him. His men still stand loyally by his lifeless body fighting the titan. He will get the monument he deserves unlike the so many other fallen heroes. Osman help us if a necromancer ever got to his body.

Rating: 0
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Adventure

>Miner immigrates to my fortress, bringing with him a young cave swallow
>Spends the next two years or so in the mines, eventually the swallow matures into an adult
>Doing some standard excavation/demolition in the caves below the fortress
>Collapse part of the tunnels after ensuring that none of my dwarves are in there
>The adult cave swallow has been struck down!
>Urist McMiner cancels Dig: Went insane.
>Legendary miner strikes down thirteen of my dwarves before being killed by the captain of the guard
Well shit.

Rating: 0
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

What happened was I underestimated it. It killed 3 of the starting seven.

7 years on, it wiped out a goblin siege.

Rating: 0
Engraved by kingfisher1112
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress

I ordered a dwarf to engrave the main hallway, leading into the fortress's meeting hall, with some legendary quality engravings. So off he went, followed by his cuddly pet. And damn he worked his ass off with that hallway! And as the hours came and went something wonderful happened right at his feet! Kittens where born! Oh, the joy! The miracle! The happiness! The... yeah you get it.

The dwarf halted his work and stood there for a few second before he returned to work. About then I was struck with this notion that perhaps the dwarf immortalized the event through his splendid art! So I hit "k" and navigated it over the last engravings. Pure treasures of art that nifty little dwarf bestow on the fortress!

The first engraving depicted a lonely dwarf, the artist himself, curled up crying on the ground. It was raining. *Playing the worlds smallest violin*

The second engraving depicted the same dwarf being approached by a cat, his pet, and promptly adopted by the said cat. The dwarf where laughing and there where no more rain. *heavenly chorus*

The third engraving depicted the dwarf hugging and gently stroking the cat, both whom where happy.

The forth engraving depicted a mother cat surrounded by four kittens and a very proud and happy dwarf.

It's so cute one could almost go "Aaaaaw"! But I got to say that one can never really stop to be amazed by Dwarf Fortress epic storytelling and randomized bad-assery!

Rating: 1
Engraved by Unknown
Version: DF2012
Game mode: Fortress
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